What about the update 24.40 for Fortnite? Epic has postponed it. Today there is nothing to wait for

Epic has decided to postpone the 24.40 update to Fortnite. It looks like a bug was found or simply the ranking mode needs to be tested further.

All tabs with information about the upcoming update have been removed by Epic. The developers let it be known that the update will not take place today. But we won’t have to wait for it for a particularly long time.

It was not explained where the decision to postpone the update came from, but one can guess that it has something to do with the ranking mode. Introducing it may have proved more difficult than expected. Alternatively, the developers simply need to test something else.

When will the 24.40 update be released?

The update has been officially scheduled for tomorrow. Interestingly, no exact time was given. It is possible that there will be a change here, too – usually patches are introduced at 4 am ET, and this time not even an approximate time was given.