Today’s Fortnite update has brought back one item. Why is there nothing extra?

In theory, it’s been two weeks since the last update, but as predicted, Epic is still on vacation.

Today there was a small content update to Fortnite. Epic did not even provide a description of it, which shows what scale we are talking about. Unfortunately, this is how it will continue for a week. Developers are currently taking holidays.

This is why you shouldn’t expect anything bigger – no changes to the map that could significantly affect the gameplay.

One item restored

Crash Pad has been brought back to Fortnite today. It is an item that allows you to avoid falling damage.

By default, the item is not available in competitive modes at the moment. Epic only restores items to “casual” Fortnite, so it’s no wonder. Also, the Condo Canyon has changed on the map.

And that’s all Epic has prepared today. Not much, but no one was getting ready for big updates.