Fortnite is no longer fighting for popularity with LoL. Right now its competitor is, for example, Fall Guys

Fortnite’s viewership this summer is really average, despite the fact that the summer event is taking place.

There has been a lot of talk in the Fortnite community about how Epic is, in a way, resting on its laurels. The new products introduced are not as exciting and innovative anymore. That’s why this summer event will go down in history as one of the boring ones.

The topic is taken up by the most popular YouTubers and leakers. So it’s not that this is some kind of fabrication. The decline in Fortnite is also confirmed by viewership statistics.

Even HYPEX writes that the summer event is just getting worse every year, with less and less stuff.

Fortnite and the fall in viewership

Fortnite on Twitch has long ago stopped competing for TOP 2 or TOP 3. At this point, Epic’s production must fight to stay in the TOP 10. Its rival is, for example, Fall Guys.

It makes no sense to herald an end to Fortnite because it is not expected to happen, but developers have to move on with new ideas.

The only question is whether Epic is waiting for a breakthrough, such as first-person view or creative mode 2.0. Everything is possible here, and the present period can only be transitional.