This will be the starter pack for Season 1 of Chapter 4 in Fortnite. What does it look in the game?

According to leakers, we can already see the starter pack that will appear in the next season of Fortnite.

If all the theories come true, the next season will be Season 1 of Chapter 4. Recall that Epic itself used the words “Chapter 3 finale” in the event announcement. Regardless of whether it will be Season 1 of Chapter 4 or Season 5 of Chapter 3, players will still get a new starter pack.

According to people searching the game’s files, the package is already generally known. As standard, it will include a skin, a backpack, a pickaxe, and additional V-Bucks.

Starter pack for the new season

The new season will have to wait, as will the new pack. So far, the reviews about it are rather positive.



Bundles are a good way to buy fairly unique skins that then do not come back in the shop, at least they didn’t until now.