This is what the winter caused by the blue cube in Fortnite can look like. A great render

One of the theories currently being discussed in the Fortnite community is that the blue cube will be responsible for the winter.

There are tons of different theories and guesses online about Fortnite Chapter 3. It is known that players can get ready for snowy months, but it is completely unknown how the snow will appear on the island.

It might just start falling from the sky, or it might be added in a bit more ambitious way. How exactly? Epic can use a blue cube here, as shown by “Koooooomar”.

A blue cube that causes snow

Epic in Chapter 3 will be able to really go crazy because all Fortnite is to go to Unreal Engine 5. Of course, the game will not be as realistic as on the render, but it may look quite similar.

The concept created by the player shows the freezing process around the blue cube. It certainly looks interesting and it is a really well-thought-out vision.


It is not known whether Epic might have come up with the same, or whether the developers have prepared something different for the players. Let us remind you that the winter event according to leaks is supposed to appear just a few days after the start of the new chapter.

The blue cube still remains the mystery for which the use has just been found. The question is whether Epic had similar vision and plans.