Codes for two free Fortnite items for everyone. It’s all about graffiti again

Fortnite players can once again easily pick up two cosmetic items.

From time to time, Epic gives Fortnite players the opportunity to pick up additional cosmetic items without prior notice. This time it’s graffiti, of course, it’s nothing special, but if you collect free items, it’s worth getting interested.

You do not need to complete any challenges, you just need to know the appropriate code, enter it on the official website and that’s about it.

How to get two items?

The first item and the code:


Second code:


And the item to be picked up:

Both of these items are from the same series. The codes have a limited number of uses, but it’s easy to find more. Just enter these phrases on Twitter:

  • Fortnite Rose – This is for Rose Graffiti
  • Fortnite Shaka – for the second graffiti

The codes will probably appear every few hours.