This is what the skin for level 100 of the new battle pass in Fortnite for season 2, chapter 4 looks like

Leakers have already shown not only what the skin for a level 1 pass looks like, but also the one for level 100.

This is probably the first such season where no one is concerned about any spoilers. Major leakers are publishing leaks one after another, and as a result, absolutely everything about the new season is probably already known.

Of the most important things are, of course, the atmosphere – Japanese modernity and the first-person perspective mode to be introduced into the game. Leakers give names of locations, such as “Mega City,” or skins that will appear in the pass.

Skins for the 1st and 100th level of the pass

It is already known what the skins for the 1st and 100th level of the combat pass is to look like. These were shown on Shiina’s Twitter account, one of the biggest leakers. On the left is the skin for 1 level, on the right for 100:

Epic itself actually showed them through a survey, but no one thought they would be such important skins.

Naturally, this is not the end of the story. The two skins seen above are to be on the 4th and 8th pages of the battle pass, respectively. Of course, their final appearance may differ slightly, but not by much.