The first two trailers for the new season of Fortnite. One by one, everything is confirmed

As expected, Epic has started adding official trailers for the new Fortnite season.

The new season is around the corner, so as expected and anticipated, Epic has started promoting it in its media. More signs only confirm all previous leaks.

The atmosphere will certainly be related to Japanese modernity, and there is little doubt about that now. The trailers don’t show much, but leakers indicate that this could be the first glimpse of some upcoming building.

Two trailers for the new season of Fortnite

Two posters will probably appear or have already appeared in the game. Until now, they remained encrypted in the game’s files. Epic has decrypted them, so everyone can now see them. These are not some premature leaks:

What are you looking at? Good question. The first subtitle translates to “The bustle of the city.” The second, on the other hand, is “Street life.” That is, you should definitely prepare yourself for a very urban atmosphere.