This is what the new skin looks like for the Fortnite Crew for April 2023 – it’s dark

Epic has already shown off the new skin and other cosmetic items that will go to Fortnite players as part of a monthly subscription.

The Fortnite Crew is a monthly subscription that gives you special items not normally available in the store. And so, Epic has already shown what you will be able to get this time. Naturally, the number of items and V-Bucks remains unchanged.

“Where he walks, darkness falls.” Bring the darkness with the April 2023 Crew Pack, featuring the Triarch Nox Outfit.

The skin is supposed to be dark, and overall it does its job. The only problem is the head, which seems large because of the extra elements.

New skin in Fortnite

The skin itself may be popular, although it seems that the other items are nice this time, namely the wrap, backpack, and pickaxe. They have a cool vibe to them.

The price and all other aspects of the Crew remain the same. The in-game appearance will probably be revealed tomorrow, with the next major update. This will be at the same time the first update actually introducing new cosmetic items and additional changes.