Epic has pissed off a lot of Fortnite players. But it was to be expected that they wouldn’t let it return

Epic has officially announced the limitations of the recently added editor and the return of old maps.

People have already started playing the old maps from the first chapter. Naturally, many of the creations are still buggy, but it’s already possible to play in 50-player lobbies and it works quite sensibly.

Nearly one million impressions show how popular this topic is. Revisiting the past was one of the main topics covered by this editor in general.

This particular map is based on Chapter 1, Season 3 – if anyone feels like it, they can play for themselves.

But Epic is introducing restrictions

However, the developers have officially announced restrictions on this. The blog posted that only maps from the first chapter can be played.

A bit sad, people wanted to choose chapters and specific seasons for themselves. And so they have a strong limitation. The mass of players have been very critical of this decision, but, frankly, this was to be expected.

Epic has little interest in giving players all chapters and all seasons to choose from. Returning to the first chapter is already something of a big deal for the developers.