This is what the Fortnite map will look like when all the snow has melted. Is it better with snow?

Leakers show what the Fortnite map should look like without snow.

It is known that the winter period is, of course, a special winter map. In Chapter 3, players are given a new island with a lot of snow on it. However, this state of affairs will change. It is known that there are many interesting secrets lurking on the map that will be discovered along with the thaw.

People searching the game files show what the whole island will look like without snow. Of course, this is a first glance, so some things may not be accurate.

Fortnite map without snow

Melting snow will mean the appearance of the Tilted Towers, the awakening of dinosaurs, or the appearance of bears on the island. The island itself looks quite… boring.

Of course, many people will take a breather, because playing Fortnite at night can tire your eyes quite a lot. The island is to be diversified with changeable weather – violent storms and, of course, tornadoes.

It is difficult to say whether it is better without snow or with it, it is definitely different. Developers will be doing their best to somehow keep the new island fresh.