Epic has a big mishap, revealing who will be in the new Fortnite Crew

Someone was getting ready to officially announce the new Fortnite Crew and most likely accidentally changed the page layout to the one that was supposed to remain unlisted.

Accidents happen. Of course, with Epic a bit more often, which suggests that some of them are done deliberately, but it seems that this time (similar to Chapter 3), someone published an article about the new Crew too early.

Thanks to this, it is known that the new package will include none other than Dr. Salty in its winter version. This is another skin that has been known for a long time – all thanks to the survey.

Dr. Slone in the new Fortnite Crew

This slip-up was fun to follow. First, Epic accidentally switched to the one with new content, then removed it completely, and now displays the old Crew.

However, we are talking about Fortnite, which has probably the largest community of leakers who do not pass up such opportunities. So there is a graphic with the appearance of the skin and a special video with a presentation.