Another gigantic Fortnite skin leak for 2022 from the survey. It always worked

The previous survey provided insight into upcoming skins that players, leakers, and the media had been using for several months. It will probably be similar now.

These polls have worked 100% so far. It’s probably the same now. Where do they come from? Epic sends concepts to trusted people who, apparently, aren’t that trusted. So far, all polls have been leaked.

In total, there are several dozen different skins here that will probably come to Fortnite in some time. Of course, some are better, some are worse. There is also no guarantee that each of these skins will eventually appear in the game.

A leak of the next survey

There are a lot of very interesting skins in the survey:

For example, there is even a “street” version of Midas here:

Possible members of “The Seven” and “Sisters”:

Possible exclusive skin for Nintendo:

And many other interesting concepts, including a different version of the well-known “Roxy” skin.

Of course, we can’t debate any dates here, but it’s definitely interesting information that everyone will focus on now.