What’s currently the highest level in Chapter 3 Season 1? Only a week has passed and people are already reaching…

The new season lasts just over a week, and players are already overcoming new barriers.

In the previous season, there was a very unusual situation where Fortnite players were able to break through the 1000th level. Will it be the same this season? There is a good chance because level 200 was reached after several dozen hours.

Of course, some of these levels are full of bugs and glitches, but by doing all the milestones players can easily reach the 100th level. It is also worth recalling that it is currently possible to purchase levels above 100.

Who has the highest level?

Since we wrote about the fact that the 200th level has long been broken, you can guess that the players are already several dozen levels away. And at the moment actually the highest level is 294, or at least that’s been documented.

So the 300th level should be reached today, possibly tomorrow. At this point, this particular player is hitting around 20-30 levels a day. Of course, all of this is due to the “Impostors” mode, which, while nerfed, is still the best way to level up quickly. Especially when you know the tricks.

Naturally, it is difficult to enjoy playing then, it is more repetition of a specific pattern, performing the same activities for several hours a day.