This is what the end of the season in Fortnite will look like. Leaks show exactly what will happen

Leakers have gotten information about the end of the current Fortnite season. What will it look like?

This time the people searching the game’s files did not agree with each other that they would not leak information about the end of the season. The result of this is that we saw what it should all look like. Naturally, there are not all the details, but the general outline is already known.

Earlier it was reported that no live event should be expected at the end of the season, but nevertheless, something will be happening. All this is based on the portals that will appear on the map.

Portal opening in Fortnite

From what Polish leaker “ImPeQu” shows, the portal is expected to have four phases, during which it is expected to become increasingly active.


At the very end, according to leakers, a rift will be opened in the sky, from where the next season will appear. At least that’s how it’s supposed to look in theory:


The new season and its start are sure to be interesting, although leakers do not want to share everything so as not to spoil the surprise.