He has been streaming Fortnite for 119 days and can’t stop for a rather unusual reason. Viewers won’t let him

One Twitch streamer has been broadcasting a Fortnite game for a good 119 days without a break. The reason?

This is one of those cases where an innocent idea turns into a way of life. One of the not-so-popular Twitch streamers came up with an unusual idea. The broadcast would continue until the streamer succeeded in eliminating 1271 people.

Simple in theory, in practice, it turned out to be practically impossible. The whole catch is that 100 bits reduces the current liquidation level by 2. The effect of this is that the streamer has been broadcasting for 119 days without a break.

And so it has been going on for 119 days

There have been cases where someone has been streaming for an extended amount of time Most often streamers weren’t able to keep going and money was refunded. It’s hard to say how long it will last in this case.


The idea itself is interesting, it is a standard extended stream with some interesting change. Naturally, the streamer does it decently, i.e. sleeps during the transmission, etc. There is no turning off the stream and back on the next day.