This is the most popular Fortnite video ever. It has more than 438 million views

There are a whole bunch of different kinds of videos starring Fortnite on the web, but which is the most popular?

One of the popular YouTubers, SypherPK, made a list of the 100th most viewed videos in Fortnite history. There are a whole bunch of materials that have tens of millions of views each, a dozen have more than 100, and only one managed to exceed 400 million.

So this video has become TOP 1, although it is hard to find in the original. In total, it has 438 million views, and the number is still growing. Some may know it from TikTok:

The most popular video from Fortnite

438 million views is no small thing. They definitely deserve to be noticed. Unofficially, this is at this point the most popular video ever made. It lasts only a few seconds:


It is very unlikely that in the future someone will top it. Fortnite’s peak is rather behind us, although who knows – maybe in the future Epic will still go wild and, for example, the first-person perspective mode will turn out to be some kind of complete game-changer.