This is not the end of changes and news to Fortnite. What will the new “Shield Aura” backpack do?

Leakers have a ton of additional information for players about the new season.

Epic will surprise the community with its unusual ideas more than once. The files contain a lot of information about mechanics, items, additional skins, styles that will appear during the season.

One of the first interesting leaks concerns a custom backpack called “Shield Aura”. It will not be a cosmetic item, but one that will appear directly in the Battle Royale mode.

A new special backpack in Fortnite

So far, it is not known when the backpack will appear in the game, but the leakers are convinced that its task will be to restore the armor of the player who wears it (or has it) and the closest allies’ ones.

Restoring is only expected to take place up to a certain level, the values are not yet clear, but it will probably be 1 shield point every second, where the maximum value that the backpack will renew is 50.

Sounds interesting? Absolutely. This is the first candidate to be introduced to the game in Update 19.10.