There will be no leaks on Fortnite Chapter 3? Leakeers got a request from Epic not to leak anything

Every few months the story repeats with leaks and the leakers themselves who don’t know what to do.

Several dozen hours ago, leakers reported that they had received requests from Epic not to leak information on chapter 3. These requests were not event-related but were limited to the new season.

It is always the same with such requests. There are so many leakers that all leaks spread very quickly.

“Everyone shared it anyway, so I’ll too”

Originally, it was about leaks during the technical break, i.e. Epic wanted no skin leaks, etc. Something that always appears just before the new update.

Leakers wrote that, as requested by Epic, they will not leak information about chapter 3. A few hours later, an ad was leaked showing something like a chapter 3 trailer. At first, everyone stuck to Epic’s request, but hiding such leaks makes no sense. And so there will be people who will share the videos and all leaks.

A few hours later, the advertisement was already on all the biggest profiles, because “everyone else shared it anyway”. And it is like that every time.

There is practically no chance that there will be no leaks before Chapter 3. It is possible, however, that these largest leakers will not provide information just before the start, i.e. during the technical break.

For now, however, they also share every thing, because if not them, then someone else. Today you can’t just turn off leaks. You can close Discord channels, you can give spoilers, but it doesn’t do much. Moreover, something that is forbidden is even more tempting. Therefore, the better a leak is hidden or ignored, the more people write about it and discuss it.