New Donald Mustard’s banner, Fortnite Tech Break URL, and Midas sneak peak

Donald Mustard speaks to the players again, suggesting what is going to happen soon.

Mustard made some moves yesterday that are very important. First of all, he changed his Twitter banner. This one represents nothing but the zero point. So once again we return to the main Fortnite thread.

The community believes more and more that there will actually be a technical break after the event that will take place tomorrow.

URL with a break and Midas

HYPEX informed that a very specific URL will be active after the event. Of course, anyone can create one by adding anything to the Fortnite website, but the most popular leaker knows a little more than the average player.

The URL is:

So far, there is nothing there, only a 404 error, but after the event, this subpage will probably be active.

What’s next? The last video by Donald Mustard shows none other than Midas. So you can say with great certainty that this one is alive.

There is really little time left for the event, there will be more and more leaks and we definitely need to prepare for it.