Donald Mustard passed it on. In the refrigerator, the Fortnite Fundament helmet and a new weapon

If anyone had any doubts, they should forget about them for good.

The Rock was involved in the world of Fortnite many times, often outright portrayed as having more to do with Epic and the entire Battle Royale storyline than you might think. First of all, it was said that he was the voice of the Foundation.

And now it becomes clear that indeed Dwayne Johnson will be officially revealed at some point. Donald Mustard not only retweeted The Rock’s story but also shared it on his Twitter.

A helmet in the refrigerator

The Rock’s relationship with Fortnite is very interesting, theoretically unconfirmed, not obvious, but everyone knows that Epic is involved in this. How else to explain the helmet that The Rock has in his refrigerator?

Interestingly, this video may also include a weapon that will be introduced in Chapter 3. These are just speculations and theories of the community so far, but there may be something to it. Especially if the story was passed on by Mustard.

For now, we have to wait for the event. After all, during the event, the Foundation is set to play some important role, at least according to leaks.