This is likely to be another skin just for Samsung owners. Galaxy Knight added to the files

In the latest Fortnite update, a new skin was added to the files, potentially exclusive only to those who own a Samsung.

In 2023, it’s unlikely anyone needs to be explained what the Galaxy skin is. It’s a skin that players got for buying a particular phone from Samsung. Now it looks like Epic will repeat this action either with another device or simply with all devices from this manufacturer.

The files included the “Galaxy Knight” skin, which, as much by name as by appearance, leads one to believe that it actually has something to do with Samsung.

A new skin for Samsung owners?

At this point, it can’t be confirmed that for sure this skin will be dedicated to Samsung, but this is what even the most popular leakers like HYPEX are pointing to. The skin looks pretty cool, it will definitely stand out.

The dates nor the appearance of the skin are known. The one at the top is Epic’s concept which may have been changed in the meantime. However, there are good chances that it is actually it.