These graphics from I.O’s computer now make sense. It was the first glance at the “inverted map”

Everything indicates that the new map that will appear in Fortnite as part of Chapter 3 will be on the other side of the island, the one from the bottom.

You could hear about this theory for the first time many months ago. At the time, however, no one knew about the end of Chapter 2 in December 2021.

According to the players, the new map will be the location on the other, lower side of the island. This is indicated by many signs and it all comes together.

Were these the first announcements?

On the occasion of official announcements, players are reminded of the graphics that were on the I.O computer as part of the premiere of the Impostor mode. Most of them were forgotten by now, but that was probably the first glimpse of the other side of the island.

The volcano is also visible in the preview Epic posted a few days ago. Let us remind you that after inverting the inscription “The End” we get the shape of the probably upcoming, new version of the island.

So the island will remain the same, it will be all coherent in the plot, but Epic will take us to the other side of it, or at least that’s the theory at the moment.