Donald Mustard announced a new Fortnite skin that Agent Jones will probably get

Epic has gotten very active towards the end of the season, one of the people posting more and more often is of course Donald Mustard.

There is an interesting recording on the Donald Mustard profile, which informs that Agent Jones will play an important role in the world of Fortnite more than once. Mustard admits that he loves the whole story and is very into it.

Epic Games’ Chief Creative Officer also showed a sketch of his “Favorite Outfit” Agent. This is probably a preview of the skin that will be coming soon in the game.

Agent Jones and his new skin

There is little doubt that this should be understood as a skin teaser, but Epic hasn’t officially said it will be in the game.

Gamers speculated that it might be a free style, but don’t count on it for a variety of reasons. Of course, there will be videos on Youtube saying that this skin will be free, but this should not be taken too seriously.


Skin will definitely be related to the story and chapter 3. Unfortunately, it is not known when or under what circumstances it will appear in the game.