These are the two skins that players created. Epic has already moved them to Fortnite

It turns out that the two skins that won the community contest will be available in the store.

You could hear about these skins for the first time in June 2021. Recall that Epic then announced a competition to create winter skins. From all the works, two skins have been selected and now we know what they look like.

Players will be able to buy them on December 24 at 1:00 AM. They definitely won’t be for free. Let’s recall what the originals looked like:

What do these skins look like in Fortnite?

At this point, unfortunately, not all skin elements have been shown – there is no presentation directly in the game, the skins are encrypted after all. Epic showed them on their promotional graphics:

The prices are not known yet, and it is not known whether the skins will have pickaxes, backpacks, and gliders, but you can guess that they will.