The worst Fortnite battle pass skins. They are the ones practically no one plays with these days

Some time ago we showed the most used skins from combat passes. Now it’s time for the other side of the coin.

Fortnite players have plenty of different kinds of skins to choose from. So it’s not surprising that some of them are not very much used. Such is the case here. The compilation shows 8 of the least popular, so to say, the worst skins from the combat pass.

Już na miejscu 8 znajduje się skin, którego według nieoficjalnych statystyk używa 0.8% graczy, więc jest naprawdę nieźle. Z czego więc gracze nie korzystają?

Worst pass skins

Players comment that most were to be expected, while there are definitely a few surprises here.

Of course, keep in mind that the data comes from a small percentage of all players, so this is not some official statistic provided by Epic. If you like a certain skin and use it, go ahead and play with it – it’s better to stand out than to play with what everyone else does.