The whole room lights up purple when you are in a storm. A great solution for Fortnite players

Players have created an integration between LEDs and Fortnite for themselves.

Something similar has been done before at least in LoL. Now it’s the Fortnite community that has borrowed the concept. The whole project is fairly simple in terms of how it works. LEDs have been linked to Fortnite, thanks to which:

  • The room glows purple when you are in a storm
  • In red when you get damage
  • In green when you are healing

Other effects have waiting in the lobby, etc. The whole thing looks cool, it may not be incredibly functional, but it certainly brings something interesting to the overall gameplay.

Fortnite and LEDs

The project is managed by “DaKrazyKid.” Perhaps someday it will be made available to everyone. For now, it looks like this:


This has a future, although as much as many people praise something like this, as many say that it is nevertheless very distracting. It would even be difficult to use it in pro matches.