The most popular skins in Fortnite season 4. Which skins are currently played by the most people?

Season 4 brought the expected refresh in terms of the most used skins.

It can be seen that the new season also means new trends in terms of the skins that players are most likely to use. There are no big surprises, although certainly the number one for many can be quite puzzling. Of course, most of the skins that are most popular today are from the new pass.

With these statistics, of course, it is important to remember that they are not the most accurate in the world. The data only comes from some percentage of all players in the world.

The most popular Fortnite skins

Between number 1 and 6 there is a big difference in percentage. So you can see that people really liked the skin named “Bytes” coming from the pass. The whole list:

Certainly, this will change many more times during the season. For the moment, the choice is quite normalized – players still choose mostly these skins and are reluctant to change to something else.