No one should be surprised anymore that Fortnite is about to feature creatures you can fly on

By now, Epic seems to be using all possible ideas of players to somehow surprise the Fortnite community.

What once seemed an abstraction, today virtually no one is surprised by. Yeah, Fortnite is set to feature creatures that can be flown on. Once this would have been groundbreaking news, today it is treated on an “oh, ok” basis.

It’s unclear when, it’s unclear under what circumstances, but Epic will add flying creatures that players will be able to use. That is, you get on them, fly and use as you please.

Flying creatures will increase mobility

One can guess that they will be some kind of birds, dragons, maybe something in those climates. Leakers don’t reveal much information, because simply the files don’t allow to specify anything more than that the creatures will have a “boost” and an idle mode.

It will be possible to “jump” on these animals with another object. That is, it can be a nice escape technique. It’s easy to imagine a duel in progress, a dragon flying by, for example, and a player jumping on it.