The first look at the new map in season 3. New skins from the pass seen on the announcement

Epic has no intention of slowing down. Along with another announcement, we also got the first glimpse of a new map and skins, potentially from a battle pass.

On the subject of the new season, things are getting very interesting. Yesterday, players deleted unnecessary elements in the promotional graphics, showing what one of the locations is supposed to look like:

Meanwhile, Epic itself has shown another dose of the map. This time via a new trailer. Skins are also visible there.

New trailer

The trailer is actually the first meaningful look at the new map that will appear in the game.


Well, what can be seen here? First of all, the view of the map looks as follows:

In addition, we also have skins. The 4 skins will appear either in the store or immediately in the battle pass.

The skins are quite interesting, but without anything crazy, at least for this moment. The new season starts in just 2 days. More people will have a chance to check it all out right after the start.