Season 3 Chapter 4 in Fortnite. All the sure leaks about the upcoming season

Leakers have no doubts about the many different mechanics that will be included in season 3 of Fortnite chapter 4.

To be honest, a description of the next season could be created on the basis of current leaks. A lot is really known about it, and every now and then something new arrives. HYPEX was tempted to summarize all certain leaks.

From his entry, we know that:

  • The battle pass will feature Optimus Prime, while the entire season will run under the dictates of Fortnite x Transformers.
  • Meowscles’ summer skin and a different “mechanical” skin.

  • Of course, there will be a tropical biome. There will also be a desert or a volcano.
  • There will be a racing mode. This one is to be really heavily developed with a garage, various tracks, and cosmetic items.
  • Moving around the map will be done with the help of special ropes.
  • Armed cars with NPCs are also to be expected.
  • There will be a 14-day event.
  • Players will have a special version of the shotgun at their disposal, and several different versions of well-known and well-loved weapons will also return.

Season 3 Chapter 4 of Fortnite

Epic will have a tough task to surprise players in any way now that everything is known for good.

Whether it’s bad or good – everyone here has a different opinion. Certainly, many people will be happy to see the return of helicopters, while others will complain about it a lot.