The exact look of the 4 battle pass skins for Fortnite season 3

Epic itself, as part of the trailers, shared the exact look of the skins that will potentially be included in the battle pass.

In addition to the new skins, players could also see another glimpse of the upcoming map, or rather, a slice of it.

It looks really interesting, although still Epic is hanging around the same place on the island. Not surprisingly, apparently, the developers do not want to reveal everything yet.

New skins in the pass

In addition, we also got a closer look at the new skins that will appear in the game. Potentially in the Battle Pass for Season 3. Epic added them one at a time, while they were all later merged together by the people handling all the leaks:

So far, opinions are very mixed, as always. Unofficially, it is said that level 100 players will get an Optimus Prime skin, which has been seen many times in leaks.

The secret skin, on the other hand, is to be a skin that was already in Fortnite. This will be its different, much more interesting, and advanced form.