Something very bad is about to happen in Fortnite? The battle bus tip everyone missed

There are so many leaks in Fortnite that some of them are easy to get lost in the crowd. Especially when we’re talking more about theory than a leak.

There are a lot of different kinds of theories in Fortnite. Most of them are not gaining any popularity, while this particular one is different. The biggest leakers agreed that there could actually be something to it. What is this all about?

You surely know the graphics that Epic releases at the beginning of the season. This is a representation of a battle bus in a specific color scheme.

Everyone missed it

Somehow everyone missed the fact that these graphics are getting darker and darker. Fortnite goes darker with each season. Some players, who say that Fortnite may soon be full night, noticed this.

Shiina agrees, who also thinks it might be a hint. Each graphic is more and more “disturbing” and thinks of the night-time atmosphere.

Maybe it’s some kind of long-term plan that will introduce a total night in Fortnite in a few seasons. Or maybe it’s just a fantasy of graphic designers who had no other idea and just add these graphics without much thought.