Players have outsmarted Epic. They discovered a way to unlock free Fortnite skins early

It was to be expected that Fortnite players with all their creativity would outsmart Epic.

You can now pick up gifts as part of the ongoing Winterfest. There are several ways to pick up skins, the primary one being to open gifts in a specific order.

However, the community has gone further and special Discord bots have been created, allowing people to receive their rewards earlier, without having to open gifts.

Where do people get these skins from?

This method is not “approved” by Epic, so you use it at your own risk. It requires logging into specific Discord servers and calling a bot, then somehow bypassing the system with the gift draw. Major leakers and Youtube channels have confirmed this, so it works, although it is risky.


This way people already have all the free skins, without messing around with gifts. However, you always have to keep in the back of your mind the fact that you are logging into an unknown bot, and this carries some risk. Even if nothing happens now, there’s no telling how the features and capabilities of bots on Discord will change.