How are Fortnite views on Twitch 2 weeks after the new chapter’s release?

Is it good, average, or bad? Well, a new chapter always means big increases, after two weeks it’s safe to say that everything is back to normal.

Fortnite’s place on Twitch is already established. This is evident even from the new chapter, bringing so many new features after all. Epic’s production simply has to accept that it will be watched mainly during breakthroughs in the form of new seasons or chapters.

Is this a bad thing? Certainly not, although it’s a long way from its former viewership. It may seem that the current results are disappointing, but there are a lot of games that don’t get watched a lot and are generally regarded as popular.

Fortnite after 2 weeks

Fortnite has been viewed “eagerly” enough in the last 2 weeks to be in the TOP 7 of the category (the last 3 days have been a drop to the 8th position):

Seemingly weak, but after all, Minecraft, for example, is now very popular, and on Twitch is watched less than Overwatch 2, which in turn is considered a strong average. It is interesting to note that this does not include CS:GO, which fell outside the TOP 10.

It’s worth mentioning that these numbers have always gone up for Fortnite on updates – now even they don’t change the situation much.