People are playing with inaccessible gold pickaxe style from Fortnite. Additional styles are on the way

It was known that this skin will receive an additional style since the update. Now there is information about the remaining cosmetic items.

There is a good chance that Epic will want to organize another concert with Marshmello. The files contain information about a few different styles that the skin will get, but also gliders and pickaxes.

All this will be in black and gold colors. Interestingly, some people already have these items in the game, unfortunately, due to a bug. They can be used, but it will probably be taken away in some time.

Additional cosmetic items

As for the items Marshmello is going to receive, this is the skin style:

Two styles for pickaxes. Black and Gold (the latter can now be used):

And finally, the glider has only one variant, combining gold and black:

How to play with an unavailable version of the pickaxe? It replaces other styles in other pickaxes. For example:

If you see someone with such a pickaxe in the match, this is a mistake. Working, but still a bug.

There won’t be any bans on it, it’s just Epic’s mishap, the kind of which happened before.