“OG” map was supposed to save Fortnite. This many people play it two weeks after its release

“OG” map, a throwback to Fortnite’s past, was supposed to stir up the game world in a big way. What’s left of it two weeks later?

Projects bringing back old Fortnite maps were very pompously announced. They were supposed to completely change the game and evoke a mass of nostalgia in players. After all, it’s easy to imagine the return to the first seasons, where no one had yet grasped what Fortnite was really about and how to play.

Unfortunately, nostalgia has failed to cover the bugs, errors, and shortcomings that current projects to restore the atmosphere of the old Fortnite are facing.

That’s how many people are left after 2 weeks

As the players themselves point out, there is relatively little left of the pompous announcements. Both of the most popular maps in creative mode are played by a few hundred people each. During “peak” hours, as far as the US is concerned, there were less than 400 players on them.

The reasons for this include bugs and glitches, but also simply the inability to bring back the old vibe that Fortnite used to have. Cool memories won’t suddenly make old Fortnite the same way it used to be played.

Certainly, the issue of Creative Mode, which, according to many, simply can’t cope with the flurry of stuff, doesn’t help here either. Certainly, an officially supported “OG” mode with the old map would gain much more popularity, but Epic is unlikely to have much interest in investing capacity in it.