Epic is currently working on something very important that will soon enter Fortnite

New weapons, new items, and new mechanics. All of this somewhat pales in comparison to what the developers are currently working on.

Fortnite is moving forward, though, of course, some changes are more important than others. So far, there have been some very strong milestones, the crossing of which has given Epic a whole new opportunity.

Now comes another change that will mess with the very core of Fortnite a bit. This involves the first-person view. Every now and then, leakers let it be known that Epic is still working on it, and so it is this time too.

A new feature for the first-person view

Interestingly, however, the developers are working on something new. This is about the ability to switch to a specific frame. You can see from the left as well as the right – at least that’s what HYPEX suggests.

There is no telling when it will enter the game. There have been so many strange rumors about it in the past that people didn’t know what to believe anymore. So the thing to know about it is that Epic continues to work on it somewhere in the background, and the idea has not been abandoned.

Maybe it will come out in the next season, maybe the chapter, but maybe it will be forgotten. This is unknown. What is for sure, however, is that the developers are interested in it, and someone is taking the time to fine-tune these mechanics.