New skins, sets, and the map in Fortnite update 23.20. Free styles for players

Epic is in the process of releasing a new update, labeled 23.20.

As expected, the update had a one-day delay. Today, Epic is normally releasing the patch, which introduces, among other things, new cosmetic items. Of course, leakers already know everything, so here’s what the map looks like:

New skins

There aren’t many new skins at this point, but it’s likely that many of them are coded.

Appearance directly in the game:

Interestingly, the leaks mention the style that everyone who owns one of the backpacks will get:

There are also new “function” items. One of them is already known, while the other is a novelty – for now, leakers tentatively write that it may be a stun grenade. The operation stands in question.

The update is sizable, so expect more news to come out from time to time.