Buying these skins was a waste of money. 10 Fortnite skins that no one plays with

The multitude of cosmetic items that are available in Fortnite means that many of them do not find their place in the hearts of players.

There are a whole bunch of different kinds of skins from which Fortnite players can freely choose. Naturally, some skins are much more popular than others, and there is rather nothing unusual about this. However, it’s hard not to resent yourself for buying something you don’t use at all.

And so it is with these skins. According to unofficial statistics collected by players, these skins have literally zero popularity. Naturally, it is important to remember that these are unofficial statistics, so they may differ from those of Epic.

Least used skins after 23.10 update

Bravo Leader




Cyprus Nell

NBA 75 Shot-Caller


Farmer Steel

Haunt Officer