Fortnite’s new wrap mimics a completely different one, which is no longer obtainable

There are some items in Fortnite that are no longer obtainable, but people would love to buy them again. This is one of them.

Not all items in Fortnite can simply be bought. One item that many people are hunting for was a wrap, which was obtainable through challenges back in 2019. Many people didn’t play then, so the chance to buy the wrap was lost.

Why is it so desirable? The wrap is completely black, very minimalist, and fits virtually any skin. It simply looks very good.

The new rap looks almost the same

As one user on Reddit hints, it’s now possible to have almost the same wrap.

It looks practically the same, and you can make others believe that it’s an “OG wrap” that you can’t get anymore. A comparison of the two items presents itself as follows:

If you care about minimalist black, it’s worth considering. It costs only 300 V-Bucks and gives you a fair amount of customization.