Fortnite’s new concert is official. The Kid LAROI gets skins and other cosmetic items

Epic has confirmed and has already made it official that there will be a new concert in Fortnite.

Zgodnie z przewidywaniami nie będzie to wielki koncert zrobiony w stylu Travisa Scotta, a wydarzenie na specjalnej wyspie.

Jump into The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams island starting Friday, January 27, 2023, at 6 PM ET, for an immersive sonic experience portraying LAROI’s journey from humble beginnings to headlining sold-out performances as a worldwide superstar. 

Fortnite The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams

A concert is one thing, and cosmetic items are another. Epic has already presented what will be available for purchase in the store.

New skins in Fortnite

In total, players will be able to buy two skins with two styles. One is more casual, the other dark. On top of that, naturally, there are backpacks that can do as a pickaxe.

Epic has also provided emoticons and a music pack:

If you are feeling lucky, you can fight to get these items in a special cup. On January 24, a tournament will be held in the no-build mode (for pairs), where players will be able to unlock skins.

As standard, you only need 8 points to get the emoticons and the icon.