Fortnite players have agreed to an honorable duel during the normal game. Swords were decisive

Fortnite players can be really creative, even during the game itself.

The Fortnite community can still surprise, as shown in the clip of the honorable duel that took place during a completely random match. It is not known exactly how this happened, but the players faced each other and it was a lightsaber duel that decided who won.

Three people fought each other to the very end. It looks quite funny, but it also shows that Fortnite has or had a chance to be a completely different game – one in which everything is decided by hand-to-hand combat.

Honorary lightsaber duel

The three players stood facing each other and began to fight. The most interesting part is how it happened. After all, the players had to somehow settle it with each other.

Back in the day, when Fortnite was still starting, no one could have expected that it would all get to the point when such duels were even possible. And here, a few years later, it seems fairly normal.