Water will play an important role in the next Fortnite season. There will be waterfalls for sure

It is known that the topic of water will be very important in season 3. Trusted leakers write something about it every now and then.

The main events of this season are to take place around the Loot Lake – such information appeared in the leaks a few days ago. Now it is known that water will be a very important element of not this season, but the next one.

You should definitely expect waterfalls – we knew about them from the famous Epic Games stream, which showed some specific spoilers – folders that were assigned directly to “s21”, that is to the 3rd season.

Waterfalls in the next season of Fortnite

It is hard to confuse the signature “Waterfall” with something. And although there is not much information on this subject, according to leakers, it will be related to the Loot Lake. It is possible that as a result of the event, the waterfalls will appear there.

You might think it’s nothing like that, but since Epic has special mechanics for it, it could be more than just a visual addition. Maybe the waterfalls will play a bigger role – they will be hiding places or Epic will give them some special properties.