Fortnite players can get a glider, an emote and a falling effect for free. But not everyone

Epic is once again giving stuff to console gamers. If you have a Playstation and an active PS Plus package, you can pick up free items.

These items are not “free” for everyone. You can only pick them up if you have a Playstation and, importantly, an active paid PS Plus package. Of course, it is possible to activate trial periods, etc. But after such a time, probably not many Fortnite players have such an opportunity.

There are a total of three things to pick up:

  • emote,
  • glider,
  • falling effect.

Items to get

Redeeming them is not difficult. It can be done through the official Playstation website or directly at the console by entering “Playstation Plus Fortnite” in the store.

All non-Playstation owners have to do without it, as always, sadly. The PS-directed events are the result of Epic’s collaboration with Sony. It is not dependent on anyone else.