Fortnite 24.40 – New skins and other cosmetic items. Free styles and more

A postponed update is just coming to Fortnite. Leakers report on the skins and other cosmetic items that will be introduced to the game.

The main course when it comes strictly to cosmetic items is Miles Morales. It is known from leaks that he will have two different styles. In addition, other cosmetic items relating to this skin await players.

In-game appearance:

New skins in Fortnite

Before skins, Epic is adding the Jules style, which will be free for those who own this skin.

There are some new skins, including one set:

There are also “pencil” skins:

The rest of the items are in the process of being added. These will appear in a few minutes or so in sorted form. Leakers always add everything very haphazardly, putting skins first and foremost.

Free backpack: