Everyone knows the stars from GTA, now something similar is to be introduced into Fortnite

GTA has a now-famous system with stars that designate the level of a police manhunt. According to leakers, something similar may be found in Fortnite.

Fortnite is becoming a game that will feature perhaps every possible mechanic that has ever been released anywhere. Thus, according to initial leaks, Epic is expected to add a chase system, reminiscent of the one in GTA, in the near future.

Naturally, it won’t be ported 1:1, while masses of people just associate it with Grand Theft Auto.

“Wanted” system in Fortnite

It’s not entirely clear yet how it’s supposed to work specifically, however, HYPEX writes – players will be able to pay 100 gold to reduce the level of “heat,” presumably manhunt. Along with the information about the prospecting system, a graphic has also been added, potentially of a new skin.

Details remain unknown, but one can guess that such a big change is more a matter of the next season than the upcoming updates.