The first information about season 2 of chapter 4 in Fortnite. Perspective view from 1st person

Epic is already gearing up for the next season, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Fortnite files already contain references to season 2 of Chapter 4.

There is less time left until the end of season 1 than one might think. In total, players still have a little over a month to go.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the developers are putting the first information about the next season in the files. So far not much is known, but it’s better than nothing.

The first information about season 2 of Chapter 4

According to HYPEX, a new location is probably coming to Fortnite, which has a lot in common with Rome. The translation is “Roman throne.” It’s too early to talk about a theme related to Rome, but there’s a chance.

Players can also get ready for new spring challenges. Potentially with special prizes.

It is also possible that the next season will finally feature a first-person view. This one is shown by Shiina.


Of course, the footage is the result of an error, but as we read, the final version will not be significantly different from what is seen in the material.