Epic has finally listened to gamers and introduced a “confirmation” purchase. Changes for those under 18

Epic has updated several things related to buying items. What exactly will change?

Fortnite players have been asking Epic for years for the developers to add an option to confirm purchases. The idea was to prevent people from buying items accidentally, by mistake. Years later, the developers introduced “Hold to purchase.”

Fortnite Hold to Purchase

However, this is not the only change. In general, many things are changing.

What has changed?

Epic writes:

  • Hold to purchase: Fortnite now has a hold-to-purchase mechanic for all in-game purchases. We continue to support the “Cancel Purchase” and “Return Ticket” features that have been in place for years.
  • Extending the purchase cancellation window: You can now cancel in-game cosmetic purchases made with V-Bucks until you equip the item during gameplay or until 24 hours go by, whichever comes first. Within this cancellation window, you’ll also see a reminder of the policy when equipping your purchased cosmetic while queued up for a match or during gameplay.

Fortnite Cancel Purchase

  • Saving payment information: When you enter a new payment method, we now ask if you’d like to save it with a Yes/No choice, rather than offering a checkbox on the page.
  • Updated policy for chargebacks: We’ve made changes to our chargeback policy to better account for certain non-fraud-related scenarios that could result in a chargeback. A chargeback happens when an unauthorized transaction is reported to a bank and the transaction is reversed.
  • Additional privacy options for chat: You can choose to voice chat with “Everybody,” “Friends and Teammates,” “Friends Only,” or “Nobody.” Parents can also choose to limit which of these settings are available to players when they set up Parental Controls.
  • Parental Controls: In-game Parental Controls have been moved up in the main Lobby menu. We also recently introduced a setting that enables parents to require that their Parental Controls PIN be entered before their child can send or accept friend requests.

Fortnite Parental Controls

  • Default settings for players under 18: Players who have indicated they are under the age of 18 will now see some settings reset to the highest privacy option. Chat defaults to “Nobody,” player profile details default to hidden, parties default to “Invite Only,” and personalized recommendations are turned off. Players under 16 also now have the mature language filter defaulted to on.
  • New ways to help address bad behavior: We introduced a ban from using social features (e.g. use chat, add friends) to help address bad behavior.