Epic fell victim to their own idea. Players recreated Fortnite Chapter 1 directly in-game

After many announcements, a game mode with the first chapter of Fortnite was created.

It was to be expected that someone would eventually do it. It seemed, however, that we would have to wait at least until the update introducing mod support. However, the players did not intend to wait any longer.

As a result, Fortnite from the first chapter was recreated directly in the creative mode. Without installing other applications, anyone can play the old Fortnite in multiplayer mode.

How to play the first chapter?

There has been much talk in the past that players should be given the option to choose whether they want to play the first or second chapter. Of course, from Epic’s perspective, this would be problematic as it would separate the community.

That’s why the players organized themselves and recreated practically the entire map from the first chapter. The island has been brought back for its fifth season version. A few screenshots of what it looks like:

  • Matches for 50 people
  • Old item pool
  • Recreated spots

These are just some of the “positives”. The project is so advanced that there is even a trailer:


How to play? Rewrite the code or go directly to this link:


You have to bear in mind that this is only the first hours from the code disclosure and the game mode in general, so there may be a few more bugs. The creators of the map have announced that they will be fixing everything on a regular basis.

Now the question is how Epic will react to it. It is known that developers do not necessarily want this kind of a mode to exist. Especially since in this case, you can play with other people.